Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another blog...but stories need to be told...

Over the past year, my Dad and I have been discussing even more our ancestors who served in the Civil War. You may be aware that I already have a blog dedicated to the 8th Missouri Cavalry Regiment, in which 27 ancestors served in, including my 3rd great grandfather, 2LT Joseph Guild Lewis. But I wanted a site where I could talk about the Hartys who served in 4th Missouri Cavalry Regiment, and the Cossairts, Frixs, Buckleys, Tucks and so forth who served in various units across the States at the time. So this site will include various posts of these men and their families. Also it will have other information that I deem pertinent or just down right interesting. I hope you find the research of relevance to you. Also, I hope you share information that you or other may have concerning these families and the units they served in.

"Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer; the secret of redemption lies in remembrance."
Richard von Weizsaecker, President of Federal Republic of Germany

Let us not forget our ancestors, else we will forget what it means to be who we are. And if we forget who we are, we have no hope in the future for our posterity.

2LT Joseph Guild Lewis
My 3rd Great Grandfather
Born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 1836

CPT Jacob Cossairt
My 3rd Great Grandfather
Born near Lebanon, Ohio 1834

After all, let it be known that the men (and the families that supported them) who fought for the Confederate States of America were ever bit of an American as those men (and likewise their families) who fought in the Federal armies of the United States. Without either of their collective efforts, who knows what the United States of America would look like today?

Let us remember that redemption may come for all who valiantly served. Redemption to take up arms against fellow countrymen, friends and family. It is not right in any sense to vilify those who served in the armies of the CS, just as it is not correct to say that those who fought in the armies of the US fought to eradicate slavery. Both ideas are wrong, and it is time we redeem the memory of those who fought and died to make this Nation the greatest place of freedom the world has ever known!